Mongdies Baby Toothpaste Raspberry Ages 6mo-4yrs
A mild toothpaste that the baby first met For a baby to 3 years old Non-fluoride toothpaste  All ingredients are EWG green grade Using nature-derived surfactants
Mongdies Kids Toothpaste Blueberry Ages 4years +
A mild toothpaste to protect children (age 4~9) Low-fluoride toothpaste that can be relieved Use Natural Surfactant Vitamin B6 active ingredient to prevent tooth decay
Mongdies Adult Toothpaste Spearmint
Contains propolis to prevent caries Low-fluoride Use of nature-derived surfactants Removal plaque with advanced abrasive Prevention of gum disease of vitamin active ingredients Using natural sweeteners from nature NO Triclosan, CMIT, MIT, Parabens etc Over 11 years to adult-use (Safe...
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