Laundry Set

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  • Safe plant-based laundry products. Keeps all your Fabric soft and fresh while removing dirt and stains
  • Contains deep ocean water
  • Ingredients of EWG green level 
  • Neutral detergent of pH 6.0~8.0 
  • Mild fabric detergent of natural oil
  • Neutral detergent to protect fiber
  • Natural fragrance
How to use
– Please check the markings on the clothes before washing, and use the standard amount after setting according to the washing course.
– Please be aware that the product dispensing methods may vary depending on the washing machine.
– It is advisable to do preliminary laundry (wash only with water) for dirty laundry and wash the dark clothes separately from white clothes.

Cautions in use
1) Do not use it for any purpose other than the intended use and follow the instructions and precautions.
2) In winter, please store at room temperature (indoor).
3) Please follow the standard usage.
4) Do not pour directly when the product contact directly with the solution, as it may stain or get dyed.
5) Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat.
6) Please be careful that liquid may flow out if left in a fallen state
7) Do not soak colored clothing for a long time.
8) For those who have sensitive skin during hand washing, use rubber gloves for prolonged use.
9) After use, please wash your hands with water to protect your skin.
10) Keep out of the reach of the children.
11) If swallowed, induce vomiting. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with running water and consult with a doctor.
12) In the case of sensitive skin, it may cause skin irritation. Avoid direct contact with the skin. If it touches, wash immediately with running water.

Pleases understand before purchase!
1) As time goes by, the color of the contents may turn light yellowish.
2) Depending on the environment due to the natural raw materials such as salt, the contents may become dark like gel.
3) Some natural ingredients such as baking soda may appear to precipitate due to temperature and so on.
4)When exposed to direct sunlight or temperature or humidity for a long time, it may appear red. These phenomena are natural phenomena caused by natural raw materials, so please do not worry that the products have changed. Please note that the above items are not a defect of the product and therefore the return or exchange of the product is not possible.
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Laundry Set