Scientists at Mongdies put most efforts in researching substances that will focus on your health,
reduce skin irritations and be more effective rather than products with good colors or fragrances.

Awarded by the Food and Drug Administration Director

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 14001 Certificate

Certificate of Recognition of Corporate Annex Laboratory

Patent certificate for cosmetic composite

Ingredient invent

Nature-derived ingredients
Nature-derived extract analysis and research

Functional ingredients
Wrinkle improvement ingredients, whitening ingredients, UV blocking ingredients

Patent ingredients
Cosmetic composition for skin moisturizing and elasticity improvement

Biological active invent

Antibacterial efficacy study
Natural preservative research, natural surfactant research

Skin Efficacy Study
Skin type research, wrinkle improvement, whitening, sun protection, moisture, nutrition, elasticity

Ingredients Raw material efficacy study
Skin moisturizing, elasticity improvement

Continuous research & development

Researchers at Mondies, who are able to make rapid advances in cosmetic technology through systematic and scientific research, are nurtured through work-related, educational, awards, and training systems with relevant institutions.

Develop safe and effective ingredients       Research to solve the worries by skin type       Securing technology through continuous source technology research