Mongdies, Meaning Sharing The First Moment Of A Child And Remembering Every Moment Of Life As An Anniversary

Mongdies is a brand that redefines the family brand and creates a family lifestyle with a simple and stylish design that can be used with parents rather than the existing baby products hidden on the bathroom shelves.

E.W.G Skin deep

Ingredient safety without compromise!

All ingredients of Mongdies’ skin care products (Ato Lotion, Ato Cream, Soothing Gel, Bath & Shampoo) are EWG All Green grade and only safe ingredients are used.
※ Check the ingredients of Mongdies’ product and EWG rating table

Eco surfactant

Natural Surfactants Extracted from Nature

We use natural surfactants that are biodegradable in nature in 28 days.
(Sodium Cocoyl Apple Amino acids)

Deep Sea Water

Deep ocean water which has plenty of minerals

We use deep ocean water that is more than 200 meters deep, which is known to be highly moisturized as it is composed of similar proportions to the mineral balance of the human body and contains about 70 kinds of natural minerals.

Priority on Health

Magical flower of Indians, Witch hazel

For many years Native Americans have used it extensively for skin soothing, moisturizing, and cleansing, and have used witch hazel water to make skin more vibrant and elastic.

Continuous research & development

Research & Development

Researchers at Mongdies, who are able to make rapid advances in cosmetic technology through systematic and scientific research, are nurtured through work-related, educational, awards, and training systems with relevant institutions.

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