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Environmental Working Group

What’s EWG? It’s the most influential non-profit environmental organization in the United States that aims to reduce the use of environmentally harmful substances and offer safe ingredients as alternatives to human and nature, with a campaign to call more attention to our health and the environment. After 80 years of research, we have more than 78,000 products, around 3,000 brands, and about 250 million research.

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Site providing a database of ingredients and safety levels of cosmetics operated by E.W.G


Data on the effects of raw materials on the human body, published by various health institutions, universities, and clinical institutions in developed countries, are databased with safety figures to test the safety of cosmetic brands, products, and ingredients. By setting up, objective information is provided to consumers.
E.W.G is exerting the influence of changing prescriptions to safer ingredients by continuously raising the issue of cosmetic prescriptions by evaluating the harmful rankings of harmful cosmetic ingredients and commercial products.

Reasons to know cosmetic ingredients

Your current cosmetics! Are you familiar with the ingredients in it?
You need to know what cosmetic ingredients you should avoid for your healthy skin and the cosmetic ingredients that you can use with confidence. Numerous cosmetics whose ingredients have not been evaluated may pose a potential risk. You should always be carefully and read the ingredients before applying to your skin.

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