Hemp Seed Extract

What is witch hazel? It’s a rich magical flower used as a beauty ingredient by Indians for over 200 years. They used it for various purposes such as moisturizing effect, skin cleanliness, soothing skin and improving skin damage.




Is Witch Hazel safe?

Yes it’s safe. The sterilization and astringent properties of witch hazel extract are being developed as cosmetics and pharmaceutical products that can soothe or converge on skin-related diseases. In addition, it prevents oxidative damage to the skin, which enables vital skin care and protects the skin by losing or removing the activity of harmful foreign substances. Witch hazel is one of the few safe herbal ingredients licensed by the US FDA to be used as an ingredient in generic drugs.




Natural moisturizing for the skin “Witch Hazel Water”

Witch Hazel Water is a pure ‘water’ that maintains rich moisture.
Witch hazel water is known to have a much higher moisturizing effect than other ingredients.
It is said to be a gift from nature that protecting rich moisturizing of skin.


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